A.J. Feather

Journalist, Developer

I'm a Missouri native currently seeking a dual masters in computer science and journalism from Columbia University in New York City. Every week I also host an awesome podcast called "Integrate" with my friend Mikah, which you can find at Integrate.FM.

Before moving to New York, I obtained undergraduate degrees in journalism and economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia. In Columbia, I hosted a weekly show called "Talking Politics" for KBIA, the local NPR member station and produced, wrote and anchored video for Newsy.com way too early in the morning.

There has never been a political column I did not enjoy reading or an Apple product I did not enjoy using.

Richard the Lionhearted

For class this week, I went out to take some photos of a rock show. The project was focused on the band Richard the Lionhearted.  The goal of this project was to take three photos: a scene setter, a portrait and a detail shot.  The show was at Mojo's, a local bar in Columbia.  Richard the Lionhearted's set was preceded by Boreal Hills and Blank Range.  The hardest part of this assignment was dealing with the light.  Don't get me wrong, music-controlled lighting is awesome, except when you're looking at it through a camera. The portrait I chose for this project is of Andy Lockhart, the band's drummer, setting up just before their set.


The detail shot is of one of the several pitchers full of Pabst Blue Ribbon located conveniently across the stage.


The scene setter I chose and it puts the lighting in perspective.  Overall, it worked out alright though.  I figured out the the trick was to make sure the lights weren't changing while I was shooting the picture.


Just ahead of this show, the band drove up to Rock Island, IL to record four songs with Daytrotter.  Other notable acts that have recorded with Daytrotter include Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver and The Black Angels.  It's a sort of stepping stone for bands up-and-coming bands in the indie rock scene.

The band's next show will be February 17 at Mojo's with Country Mice and S.T. Carrel and the Sad Bastards, and the band will head back to the studio to record their next full length album at the end of February.

You can also find a number of the band's tracks on their Bandcamp.