A.J. Feather

Journalist, Developer

I'm a Missouri native currently seeking a dual masters in computer science and journalism from Columbia University in New York City. Every week I also host an awesome podcast called "Integrate" with my friend Mikah, which you can find at Integrate.FM.

Before moving to New York, I obtained undergraduate degrees in journalism and economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia. In Columbia, I hosted a weekly show called "Talking Politics" for KBIA, the local NPR member station and produced, wrote and anchored video for Newsy.com way too early in the morning.

There has never been a political column I did not enjoy reading or an Apple product I did not enjoy using.


This week for class we went to Launchpad Advertising.  Launchpad is a small agency nested between union square and midtown on Manhattan.  Launchpad works on several corporate and non-profit accounts, the biggest of which is CenturyLink.

Angela Woronick spoke to our group about the use of social media with a brand who was new to the concept.  She runs the social media sider of the campaign for CenturyLink.  She stressed the importance of paid advertising on social media and its ability to generate interaction with customers.

We also heard from several other account executives and supervisors.  Allie Franklin, an account supervisor, spoke about her work on the Nestle Waters account.  She recalled an instance where they had a whole campaign ready to roll and had another really great idea late in the pitching process. They fought for the new idea and ended up reworking the entire campaign.

Franklin said they felt they needed to try to run with the new idea.  It took some convincing, but the campaign ended up making it to print and has appeared on buses and trains around Chicago.

Launchpad demonstrates how a small advertising firm can grow by leaps and bounds pitching good creative content to accounts large and small.  The office has the aesthetic of a lean startup, and it seemed full of people new to the industry who were given a lot of responsibility and opportunity to build great campaigns.